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An online documentary about Porridge Papers, a company in Lincoln, Neb., that makes the type of deckle-edged recycled paper found in art supply and stationary stores, includes a field-trip visit by schoolchildren to the small mill and print shop.

Video Scores Big On Facebook-Use It!


MENLO PARK, Calif. — On Friday morning, Beyoncé posted a video on Facebook and YouTube that took her fans behind the scenes to see the preparations for her live performance last month at the MTV Video Music Awards.

In the first four hours, Facebook users watched the video 2.4 million times. On YouTube, the four-minute clip garnered just a few thousand views during that time.

Does Flossing Work? Brush Up On Your Video


For decades, magazine editors often relied on a handful of maxims to attract readers: Young is better than old. Pretty is better than ugly. Rich is better than poor. Film stars outsell television and music stars. Anything sells better than politics, and nothing sells better than a dead celebrity.

But they have had to devise new rules when experimenting with digital video, a medium they hope will be a savior for their struggling businesses as marketers flee print.

Hegedusworld Shows Off Heckuva ARM


'We've had superb feedback. Great expertise, humor and support from you. It's been an absolute pleasure.'

'Tonight Show' Shines Online, So Can Your Company!


By Bill Carter, Feb 26 2014

The traditional television ratings have been impressive for the first week-plus of the new “Tonight” show hosted by Jimmy Fallon, but they do not include what amounts to a giant secondary audience that has gathered online to watch carefully crafted and curated highlights of the show on YouTube and other sites.