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Surf's Up! And so is Video Streaming, Ride the Wave.


Last December, as 21-year-old Gabriel Medina battled to be crowned surfing’s newest champion on the North Shore of Oahu, millions in his native Brazil stayed glued not to their TVs, but to their tablets, laptops and mobile phones.

[NEW YORK TIMES] | SANTA MONICA, Calif. — An under-the-radar media company here called Whalerock could become a threat to the entertainment establishment.
Following the cut-out-the-middleman model pioneered by Glenn Beck, who left Fox News in 2011 to start his own subscription-based Internet television channel, Whalerock Industries has made deals to create similar personal networks for some big names: the Kardashian sisters, Howard Stern and the rap star Tyler, the Creator.

2014 Sees Hegedusworld Client List Grow by 40%!!!


2014 was a great year for Hegedusworld, LLC. Our client base grew by 40% and our revenues were the best in our 5 year history. We'd like to thank all our clients, those that took a chance on us in the beginning and those that have joined with us in the last 12 months. Here's to all of you, a heartfelt thanks and a look forward to an even bigger and better 2015.

ABC News Launches Next Step in Online Video


A day after launching a daily Facebook newscast called “Facecast,” ABC News president James Goldston announced a new initiative: GoStream. (If you have the ABC News App, then you’ve already seen the multiple “alerts” about GoStream.)
The new initiative is being called the next step of ABC News live video. ABC News staffers will be able to upload live streaming coverage of news in real time.

Zoom, Zoom, Internet Video sells cars and magazines.


Two magazines that were covering cars when Cadillacs sported prodigious tail fins are teaming with a newcomer in the realm of automotive media for a digital content and advertising partnership.

The magazines are Car and Driver and Road & Track, which have been part of the Hearst Magazines division of the Hearst Corporation since 2011. Their partnership is with /Drive, an automotive channel on YouTube that has grown to more than 12 million monthly viewers since its introduction in 2012 as part of a major video expansion by the YouTube parent, Google.