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Super Bowl 50, The Donald Trump of Sports


Call it Karma, call it cosmic, or give credit to the full moon or the alignment of the planets, but how great is it that Donald Trump and Super Bowl 50 come along at the same time?


Never have two things so reflective of who we are and where we are as a country come along together. That shiny 50 symbol and The Donald, man, I bet if you rented one of those cameras on the International Space Station you could see them both from way up there. One slightly more orange than the other but both bigger than life, or at least bigger than they should be.

Telex From Cuba, 2016


First thing for you to do is go back and look at the title of this post. 'Telex' is correct, it's not 'text'. You can't text from Cuba, at least not yet. It is a four word phrase that is becoming more and more popular in this island country, 'at least not yet'.

Why Your Press Pass Is No Longer Bullet Proof


I'm guilty.
I've been meaning to write about this for a long time, maybe as far back as the killing of Daniel Pearl.
I certainly should have written about it after the pistol whipping of the television crew in San Francisco.
But here I am now, motivated by the killing of two television journalists in Virginia on 'live' TV. It was probably the 'live' part that did it.

Your Company and Clients Can Go 'LIVE' Anytime-Use It!



Companies have learned to use Facebook, Instagram and other social media to drum up business, and now they’re finding ways to exploit two new apps, Periscope and Meerkat.

The apps allow users to stream live video using just a smartphone. Fast-food company Wendy’s used streaming for the first time in June to spotlight its summer beverages. Snack maker Frito-Lay used its first streams to introduce viewers to its Doritos Roulette chips.

By Steve Perlberg

CNN is creating an in-house studio that will produce news-like content on behalf of advertisers, a move that reflects marketers’ growing desire for articles and videos that feel like editorial work.

About a dozen staffers (made up of journalists, filmmakers and designers) will help launch the new unit, called Courageous. The division will fashion and distribute “branded content” across CNN’s fleet of properties, from TV to the Web and newer platforms like Snapchat.